Using Workspace's SSH keys


I have added my custom SSH key to be available for the whole workspace so that I don’t have to manually add the Buddy’s SSH key to the server for every single repository.

If I name the key as id_rsa it gets overwritten by the Buddys default key although here the guide says:

“If you want Buddy to use your key in SSH connections by default, name it id_rsa”.

If I name the key otherwise, like buddy_key and add it, I will get it available in the Authentication mode dropdown menu, but in connection I get this error: Server response: invalid privatekey: [B@4e184057

How should I use my SSH key?


Hey Roope,

It works this way because it refers to variables on the pipeline level.
In Buddy, workspace variables are overwritten by project variables which are overwritten by pipeline variables.

This means that if you add an id_rsa variable it will replace the default project variable with the key. We have a task in the backlog already for better key management to give you more control.

If you are receiving an error of any kind, please send the URL to the failed execution to and we’ll have a look at it.