Wildcard for master and pull requests trigger



I’m successfully running buddy on our side-project, but I’m having one issue.

I would like to trigger pipeline only for commits to master and creation/updates to pull requests.

I came up with a regex:

- pipeline: "main"
trigger_mode: "ON_EVERY_PUSH"
ref_name: "(^.*(master|pull).*)"
ref_type: "WILDCARD"

Though it seems to trigger only master branch.
Can you please advise me what I’m doing wrong here?



Hello Tomasz,
Do you have pull requests activated for that project? (right column in the Pipelines tab)


That tab details say “forked pull requests”, while I’m interested in internal PR’s in the project. Should that be enabled for PR from branches also, not only forks?


It’s working for internal pull requests as well. We should be more specific in the description, sorry about that!