WordPress Sandbox

Hi. I’m trying to set up a sandbox using the WordPress playbook. I’ve run into a few issues:

  • postfix not installed and configured. Email is not sending, which is important for password resets. I also don’t know if the outgoing port (567) is open

  • file permission errors. Certain files are not readable, which is probably owing to the Docker volume

  • unable to access DB. I’ve added port 3306 to the settings. This is a lower priority problem as I’ve installed adminer.

  • unable to choose Apache or Nginx. Again, I realise that I could configure this myself through Terminal, but currently Apache is the default. Having a Nginx option would be very useful.

FWIW, I’ve solved this. Uploading files to the Sandbox filesystem requires setting the action’s user to www-data

Since we were able to solve all of these in our support chat, I consider this topic as closed.