Working directory with Docker


I would like to emulate this commandline :

docker run -it --rm -w /src -v $(pwd):/src --entrypoint “/usr/src/exakat/exakat.phar” exakat/exakat:latest project

where the working directory is configured to /src.
I found the way to mount the code in the image, to /src.

I tried to use CMD with a first ‘cd /src; exakat project -v’ but I got an error (no cd!)

Is there a way to configure the action for that ?
I’m thinking about adding a .sh script to the repository which would do that (cd /src; exakat project -v).


Hello Exakat,
In which action would you like to emulate this command line?

You could always try the ‘Custom Build’ action and in the ‘Environment’ tab select image you wish to use and in the ‘Cache’ tab set the mount path and working dir.

Let me know if it helped!


Hi Jarek,

I’m using ‘Run in container’ and the container is from a public repository (exakat/exakat).
The docker pull was fine, and the default command runs fine (it displays the version, basically).

I now need to point the image to the code in the container, and execute the utillity.