Would love to see a pipeline action for inputting variables


Just had a thought: We’re using Buddy for all of our deployments, including manual deployments to test servers. Right now we have a one to one matching of frontend deploys to backend deploys, but I could see in the future wanting to have any frontend deploy hit against any backend server. Currently we specify the url to the server as an environment variable in the pipeline. It would be nice to be able to have an action that prompts the user for input (maybe even selecting from a dropdown of predefined options) that then get’s mapped to a variable.



Thanks for your suggestion, @JakeDluhy! I’m happy to say that it’s already in our backlog. Still, I’m not able to give you ETA for now.


Hi, when is this feature expected to be delivered?




We’ll do our best to deliver this feature at Q1.


Guys, not sure if you noticed but it’s been delivered already: https://buddy.works/blog/introducing-parameterized-executions :+1: